Mountain Hollow Crystals

Lepidolite(Smoky Quartz & Tourmaline*)Palm Stones / Pebbles


*These beautiful Lepidolite Palm Stones contain Smoky Quartz inclusions, with some containing Elbaite (Pink Tourmaline)!

Lepidolite is a potassium lithium aluminum silicate which crystallizes in masses as well as scales and is often associated with other lithium-bearing minerals such as Tourmaline or Spudomene. The color is most often pink, purplish, or lavender, although it can also be grayish, white, or even colorless

Size: 43-47mm/each and weighing 80-100grams

Element: Water

Chakra: Heart(4th), Third Eye(6th)

**one will be intuitively chosen for you (feel free to note specific characteristic requests at checkout, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. However we can’t guarantee it’s always possible and hope you’ll trust you’ll receive the perfect one for you.

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