Our Cloverly Partnership

Lessening our Carbon Footprint is important to us! We focus on providing eco-friendly packaging, and naturally started considering the effects of shipping.  Since we’re an on-line shop, shipping is a necessity! While it's not always possible to do these activities without producing carbon emissions, it is possible to offset those emissions through a variety of accredited projects and initiatives.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Cloverly! Together we provide you the option to contribute to our efforts and reduce your carbon footprint based on your specific order.How will this work? You’ll be given the option to offset during checkout. If you choose to offset your carbon footprint, you’ll pay the exact cost of the offset (typically well under $1), and we’ll pay Cloverly $0.25 to facilitate your transaction. 

 “We purchase verified carbon offsets or Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in the amount needed to cover your carbon emissions quantity. Whether it's one customer's transaction or your entire business's footprint, Cloverly will purchase the amount needed to neutralize your transactions.

We only purchase registered carbon offsets that are validated by reputable third party organizations. This is done to ensure the carbon offset meets the generally accepted criteria for additionality, and assures against double counting or double claiming.” -Cloverly

Clovery believes in transparency. To learn more about Cloverly and their offset projects, visit www.cloverly.com