Our Mission

Our mission is to provide goods and meaningful experiences that inspire and empower you to enrich your life. 

We believe in supporting artists, makers and other small businesses, giving back, and celebrating the natural world through curiosity, creativity, and wonder.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by nature, art, and the human connection to both. Imagine a place where there’s flora, fauna, wood and stone. Classic elements of earth, fire, air and water blend with a touch of celestial and artsy vibes…a place that encourages creativity and reverence for nature while adding joy and comfort to your life.

This is Mountain Hollow.

Our Intention and Values

Everything we offer has been thoughtfully chosen with the intent to add value and enrichment to your life and surroundings. Our goal is to enliven the nature lover and dreamer within you!

We recognize the importance of ethical sourcing so we do our very best to consciously source. We focus on offering goods processed with higher standards, and hand-select whenever possible to ensure only items of the highest quality find their way to you.

Our Earth-Friendly Focus

We use eco-friendly packaging wherever possible and always recycle packaging that’s mailed to us. Green-Wrap is used instead of traditional bubble wrap, and we opt for recycled content bubble mailers with a tear strip and dual peel-and-seal, which allow them to be reused at least once before being recycled again.

We are also a proud partner of Clovery, offering carbon shipping offsets. More about this partnership can be found within our blog posts below.

Featured Offering

100% Ceremonial Cacao|Single Origin • Cayapas River, Ecuador

100% Ceremonial Cacao|Single Origin • Cayapas River, Ecuador

This unsweetened ceremonial cacao is organically grown using regenerative agriculture practices in the Emerald Coast of Ecuador. This cacao is grown in full harmony with the earth, in small agroforestry plots that include other fruit, nut, and hardwood trees & shrubs. The genetics of the beans we use to craft this variety of ceremonial cacao are predominantly Arriba Nacional, an older heirloom strain of cacao that is smooth, nutty, and floral. This particular varietal is dense in the uplifting & mood-enhancing compounds naturally found in cacao. A recipe for preparing ceremonial drinking chocolate is included on each bag. Please understand that this is 100% cacao delivered in 1" wide flat discs that are perfect for snacking or beverage making. This is not a highly processed powder, and not sweetened in any way.


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Our Cloverly Partnership

Our Cloverly Partnership

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