Endorfin Foods

100% Ceremonial Cacao|Single Origin • Cayapas River, Ecuador

This unsweetened ceremonial cacao is organically grown using regenerative agriculture practices in the Emerald Coast of Ecuador. This cacao is grown in full harmony with the earth, in small agroforestry plots that include other fruit, nut, and hardwood trees & shrubs. The genetics of the beans we use to craft this variety of ceremonial cacao are predominantly Arriba Nacional, an older heirloom strain of cacao that is smooth, nutty, and floral. This particular varietal is dense in the uplifting & mood-enhancing compounds naturally found in cacao. A recipe for preparing ceremonial drinking chocolate is included on each bag. Please understand that this is 100% cacao delivered in 1" wide flat discs that are perfect for snacking or beverage making. This is not a highly processed powder, and not sweetened in any way.

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