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Chrysocolla (Tumbled)


Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper silicate frequently found in oxidized copper deposits.

Fun Fact!
Did you know that chrysocolla veins don’t actually contain pure Chrysocolla, but Chrysocolla mixed with other minerals? Pure Chrysocolla is cyan (blue-green) in color and even then can range from more green or more blue. The colors of the rough mined product (and later any polished version) will depend on both the area of Peru and the veins in which they are found. For example, in the coastal desert area of Peru, the veins produce Chrysocolla with Malachite, Quartz, Tenorite and Cuprite. However in the higher elevations of the Andes, you’ll find it mixed with Malachite, Quartz Tenorite, and Azurite instead of Cuprite.

Element:  Water

Chakras: Root (1st) Heart (4th), Throat (5th)

These large tumbled stones measure approx 1.25” each. 

*one will be intuitively selected for you 

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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