Mountain Hollow

Laguna Agate Specimen


75g / 62mm x 46mm

Beautiful lavender/grey Laguna Agate polished, half nodule. Full banding with small druze quartz center. Great parallax shadowing effect.  Both color and locale are highly sought after and would make a great collector piece. 

Laguna Agate is a variety of translucent cryptocrystalline Quartz, also called Chalcedony, that forms with typical patterning of layered banding, classifying it as an Agate crystal. This type of Agate is location-specific. It is only found in the mountains of Ojo Laguna in Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Laguna’s are one of the most sought after agates in the world. They can be found in a remote mountainous area in Chihuahua, Mexico and are known for their array of colors and tight banding. Some specimens have been known to have over 100 bands per square inch!

Some of these bands produce a parallax effect, or shadowing, depending on how they form within the Agate itself. “When a banded agate forms with close alternating opaque and transparent bands, the light entering the agate can cast an observable shadow from one opaque band onto the next. As the parallel bands change their perceived angle, the appearance of movement and perception of depth occur.”*

Locale: Chihuahua, Mexico. 

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