Mountain Hollow Crystals

Altar Brooms


Handcrafted mini altar brooms for keeping your sacred space clean.  They are made from a natural broomcorn (or Tampico fibers for Black)and can be used around the home or car. The  thicker part of the broomcorn was used that make it great for carpet, mats, thicker debris, etc.

Each broom measures approx 6”-7”, and has a hanging leather strap to keep them well shaped and easy to grab.

No preservatives are used in the dye, so fading can occur if left in sunlight. Bleeding can occur if they get too wet. Since this is a natural material you may notice color variations.

“One of my ancestors is a Lenape indigenous woman who was known to travel around, sell brooms, linens, tell fortunes, and heal people with herbs. I have taught myself this craft as a way to honor and reconnect with this lineage.” - Erika, Broom Maker

Only 1 piece in stock!

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