Nicole Piar

Witch Cats Oracle Deck


Witch Cats Oracle Deck consists of 60 cards to help you awaken and claim your own magic. Each card has a hand-painted, watercolor Witch Cat printed on one side and a poetic, healing message on the other.

This is the sister deck to the beloved Spirit Cats Deck. While the Witch Cats Deck is complete on its own, it also seamlessly combines with the Spirit Cats Deck to create an all-the-cats deck! (The Witch Cat cards are the same size, shape, paper stock, and layout as the Spirit Cat cards.)

▶ Card Size: 3.75”x3.75” ▶ Rigid, sturdy 2-part box with gold foil ▶ Rounded corners ▶ Thick, matte cards, 350 gsm

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