Endorfin Foods

100% Ceremonial Cacao | Single Origin • Selva Zoque, Mexico


The Zoque Rainforest is home to several indigenous communities, including the Tzotzil Maya and the Zoque. These communities are descendants of the original Olmec and Mayan people of the greater region, who were the first people to consume cacao as a ritual and celebratory beverage. We are grateful to play a part in the revitalization of cacao farming within these ancestral forests through our purchasing efforts, which support several regenerative agroforestry projects, from biodiversity conservation, to improving the health of local soils, to sequestering atmospheric carbon and fighting climate change.

A recipe for preparing ceremonial drinking chocolate is included on each bag. Please understand that this is 100% cacao delivered in 1" wide flat discs that are perfect for snacking or beverage making. This is not a highly processed powder, and not sweetened in any way.

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