Mountain Hollow Crystals

Hand Rolled Natural Incense Sticks/Mix & Match


Each Incense Stick offered here is hand rolled (rather than simply dipped) and infused with intention. Made with raw herbs and essential oils. 

Averages 2 to 3 —-20 minute burns per stick.

Pricing: Sold individually (per stick) ~ Mix & Match 

$2 each / Buy 5 Get 1 *FREE* (with code INCENSE at checkout)

Scent Profiles

Advisor: Eucalyptus + Orange + Ginger

Alchemist: Cardamon + Rose + Cedar

Artist: Orange + Clove + Vanilla

Dreamer: Sage + Patchouli + Grapefruit

Goddess: Rose + Tobacco + Vanilla

Healer: Lavender + Rose + Sandalwood

Queen: Lavender + Hibiscus + Cedar

Rebel: Chamomile + Jasmine + Tobacco

Warrior: Clove + Cinnamon

*Crafted by Midnight Raven Studios. Sarah Midnight is a multi-disciplinary artist based out of Ontario, Canada. Her work blends together crystals, magick, natural inspiration and psychological Archetypes.

-Photos and info courtesy of Midnight Raven Studios

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