Mountain Hollow

Inner Star Oracle Deck


It’s back!!!!

The cards in this deck offer a reminder of our inner wisdom, imagination and intuition.

They are inspired by sacred geometry, the stars that guide us, the moon, sun and all the elements that influence us, as well the natural world and messages from the Universe.

After an incredibly successful Kickstarter Campaign, the Inner Star Oracle has been an indie fave for several years.

This deck gently guides you in unlocking your inner sage. To help you in trusting that inner wisdom, serving as a tool to receive messages from your guides, and aligning you on your path of healing and connection with your inner self.

Each card has been intuitively channelled, the mystical symbols drawn and strengthened with futher elements and meaning. Each one has been created to bring to light an aspect of yourself and help you remember who you are and why you are here.

created by Jo Klima

Details about the 2nd Edition deck:

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