The Fungi Arcana

The Mushroom Hunter's Tarot Deck


The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot is a fungi-themed deck of 78 cards, each represented by its own unique mushroom. From famed mushrooms like the fly agaric and the golden chanterelle, to obscure fungi such as the fluted bird’s nest and the bleeding fairy helmet, 78 mushrooms find their home here. Not only for those interested in tarot, The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot is perfect for those who simply want to learn more about mushrooms.

As the included 100-page guidebook contains both the common and scientific names of each mushroom, as well as some fun facts about them, these cards can also be used as a learning tool. The more you use the deck, the more you’ll be able to recognize each mushroom without having to refer to this book.

The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot is a highly usable deck for beginner and experienced tarot readers alike. I think you’ll find the cards to be intuitive. The more you learn about the mushrooms, the more connections you’ll find with their corresponding cards. 

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