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Wayhome Tarot Deck


Wayhome Tarot is a user-friendly deck intended for all levels of experience. The images weave in the magic of the mundane and imbue them with an enchant- ment that asks us to look a bit harder. The meeting place of the mystical and the quotidian is the heart of Wayhome Tarot, using symbols we see in our everyday lives to re-contextualize our daily human experience. 

“The tarot has perpetuated itself across space and time. Its true origin unknown, it has been claimed across cultures, creeds, and continents, enduring and staying relevant for at least six and a half centuries. It is a privilege to offer our contribution to this formidable legacy, both to preserve this ancient art as well as further its propagation of magic and an archetypal understanding of our world to anyone who seeks it. May we all find our wayhome.” 
Bakara Wintner + Autumn Whitehurst

Deck Details

2.75" x 4.75"

330gsm cardstock with smooth aqeuous finish

Please note: *Wayhome Tarot does not come with a guidebook, but WTF is Tarot?... and how do I do it? is its natural companion. Also written by Bakara and available at EM!

made with love from start to finish in the USA :)

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